The Perfect Business Partner

A Marketing CRM designed to help your business make better decisions.

Central Hub

Access real time marketing and sales data in one place to improve team collaboration.

Increase Efficiency

Align multiple platforms to become a well-organised team. Assign tasks and monitor activity to.

Manage Lead Pipelines

Understand your pipelines to improve conversion rates across the business and to create accurate forecasts.

Lead Scoring

Set custom scores to easily see your most engaged prospects for precision sales targeting.

CRM and anaytics
CRM and anaytics

Reporting without the guesswork

Use your data to see which tactics are most effective.

Business Reports

Make business decisions quickly when you have up to date information at your fingertips

Manage Team KPIs and Goals

Empower your team to manage sales pipelines, KPIs and conversions.

Full Marketing Report Dashboard

Check engagement, campaign delivery, total prospects, customer behaviour and lead source in one place.

Gain Deeper Insight

Apply new found understanding to identify future opportunities and fine tune marketing activity.

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Marketing just got smarter

Send the right message to the right contact at the right time with the intuitive marketing suite.

Full Email Marketing Suite

Target your audience with precise, relevant messages at the right time and monitor in depth campaign reports.

Landing Pages

Create responsive landing pages to develop microsites and to effectively build conversion funnels.

Survey and Forms

Capture data and manage preferences to get know your customers. Understand your most successful sources and where to improve.

Marketing Automation

Build custom workflows to run triggered and behavioural campaigns while removing the need for manual tasks.

Marketing Software
CRM and anaytics

Connected Marketing

Integrate marketing, sales and CRM software to benefit from all of your data in one place.

Improve data management

Pass data between platforms to align marketing channels, capture accurate information and manage your audience.

Open API

Connect bespoke platforms with Wired Plus to push and pull data for a full data overview.

Out of the box solutions

Integrate with platforms such as Magento, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, WooCommerce and more for a seamless data strategy.

Built to work with you

Choose an integration that connects your platforms to provide a full marketing loop from leads to conversions.

Are You Ready?

Access the powerful features, capabilities and benefits of the Wired Plus All in One Marketing CRM.